UPDATE - New Picksheet and all games picked this year (except Thursdays)! NEW payment options also! The first Sunday of the season is planned to be 8 Sep 2024.

Welcome to the Baker Football Pool! We run the following pools each year...

  • NFL Confidence Pool Weekly
  • NFL Confidence Pool Season
  • Survivor Pool
  • Margin Pool
  • Playoff Rankem Pool

Please see the Rules page for details on how to play and we hope to see you in the pool!

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Time to kickoff 2024

Below you'll find the link to download the Picks Spreadsheet to follow along with the pool as the games end. (Let me know if you need help) Hope everyone has a fantastic year!!

Download Picks Spreadsheet!

Don't forget that when there are only two games left for the week, I'll update the Weekly Standings page with "What if.." details. This allows you to see who is in it going into Sunday Night's game.

As always, we will NOT be doing Thursday games! (Subject to change) We will NOT be doing Thanksgiving! We WILL be using all other games. The new Picksheet will allow us to do this. Any questions? Just ask.

Important Update -- NSTR